Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cheating While Playing Games

I like cheating in single player games (definitely not multiplayer games). Imho, it lets me focus more on the core gameplay and doing what I care to be doing rather then concentrating on certain large limitations. If it’s not too onerous I won’t cheat, but if there comes a time when cheating vs loading an older save is easier....

Like Half-Life 2, the first part where I cheated was when approaching the prison; me in my glorious stupidity crossed the whole big beach covered by machine guns. I got to a safe spot on the other side with 20 health left, only to find I missed the turn way back where >< A little God mode later and I was back on track.

And in Fable which I just picked up, while it’s not exactly a cheat but just using game mechanics already in place, selling and buying and selling and buying from a single vendor to make tons of money makes me able to buy cool stuff, so *shrug* it’s enjoyable.